Crafts In Progress

I’m really good at starting projects but abysmally bad at finishing them.  Maybe this will motivate me to finish some things!  Finished projects will be moved to another page

Yarn Crafts

Purple Heart Afghan

Another purple afghan!  I’ll post some pictures when I get a chance.


Cross – Made for my cross wall

This project was started at a local craft/pottery shop but the shop closed before I could finish it.  It has a wood base that was painted white with transparent, colored glass tiles.  The tiles are glued on and ready to be grouted.


Heart Mirror – will probably come up to the office when it’s done

This project was also started at the local craft/pottery shop and also was not finished before they closed.  To finish it I’m going to have to buy tiles, which gets pricey, so it’s been shelved for a while.  It has a wood base and is done in a blue, white, and black paisley pattern.


Broken Dishes – for The Hubby

The Hubby picked out the pattern and most of the fabrics for this quilt.  It’s done in beige with yellow, green, blue, and red in muted tones.  The sashing is green and I haven’t picked out border fabric yet.  The backing will be done in Batman fabric… don’t ask.  The blocks are all finished and all the rows are assembled.  I’m working on the final assembly of putting the rows together and then I’ll need to pick out borders.




Turning Twenty

This is a really neat pattern that uses 20 fat quarters (a fat quarter is a 18’x20′ piece of fabric that quilters commomly use) and makes a full size quilt.  It’s really great for large print fabrics.  The authors of this pattern have several other patterns also called Turning Twenty that follow the same concept.  The quilt, as you can see, is fully assembled and just needs to be sandwhiched with batting and backing and then quilted.




Crazy Eights

This is another pattern that utilizes fat quarters.  I made coordinating color blocks instead of randomizing like the pattern recommends.  It’s done in bright colors with blocks in dark blue, light blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, and orange/red.  This project has been shelved for a rainy day.



Bluebonnet Quilt

This was done for a Block of the Month club at my local quilt shop (you get the fabric and pattern for one block each month for a year).  It’s done in blue, white, yellow, and green in bluebonnet prints.  I think all of the blocks are made and I have fabric to complete the quilt.  Like the Crazy Eights, it’s been shelved for a rainy day.





Block of the Month

I bought these BOM kits from Joann’s last christmas and started it in late April. I’m really enjoying putting it together since there’s no cutting involved, everything’s pre-cut for you. The blocks go together super fast!


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