In each regular Thursday post (questions in other posts will be at my discretion) there will be a movie trivia question at the end.  The first person to answer the question correctly gets a point.  I will determine the “first” person based on WordPress’ time stamp, this could mean that someone has correctly answered the question but the comment is caught up in the aproval process.  WordPress’s time stamp is what counts.

If a trivia question is not answered I may post additional clues on Twitter or in the comments of the post.  If the question is still not correctly answered by the time I post another question the points will roll over and the new question will be worth an additional point.  This will continue until a question is correctly answered.

When anyone reaches 4 points they will win a prize!  I will contact winners directly with prize options but they will probably include a choice of handmade item from me or an Amazon gift card.  When someone wins points will NOT reset, they will continue to accumulate.

Points will be tallied based on the email address you provide to submit the comment.  If you, for whatever reason, submit comments with multiple email addresses it would behoove you to always use the same one to answer trivia questions.  I will mantain a ledger here on this page so everyone can see the standings.


Disclaimers: I reserve the right to change the rules or any aspect of this contest at any time.  Any changes to the rules will be posted on this page.  Prize options will not be the same for each winner.  Each winner will be notified directly of prize options at the email address provided when submitting comments.


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