A New Story

11 02 2010

I know I haven’t posted in a while… does anyone really want to hear the excuses?  No?  I didn’t think so.

Moving on.

This is the background story of my D&D character.  Remember a while back when I said I wanted to play D&D?  Well I found a game here in Austin and I’m also running one via the interwebs (btw, Tami are we sharing the link for the D&D site?).

Our campaign starts with the 5 characters waking up after being dominated for the past 2 years by illithid (if that sentence made absolutely no sense to you, it means that were under the influence of mind control).  The story tells how Lashanna came to be in that unfortunate situation and a little about her childhood.  I tried to make this readable and understandable by readers who aren’t familiar with the D&D world, if I failed please tell me what doesn’t make sense so I can clarify.

Without further ado: Fade to Black


New Story

15 12 2009

I’ve got a new story up! It’s based on a #twitfic I posted on Twitter a while ago.

“Who knew knitting needles made such good vampire stakes?”

It’s called Knitting Technique and you can find it under the Writing page and also here.

New Story

13 05 2009

It’s a little late, but I’ve posted a new story.  This is for the May writing prompt from the Saucy Wenches.  It’s also the opening for something I’d like to make into a web serial.  I’m going to write a few installments and if I like the characters and can think of something interesting for them, I’ll continue.  It has no title yet as I don’t have any real plot thougth out yet, just an opening and some of the vampire mythology.

Erik and Sandra – Part 1

New Story: The Storm

28 04 2009

There’s a new short story posted in the Writing section.  It’s the next and final story in the Nathaniel and Esme stories.  Go check it out!

Creative Writing

17 04 2009

Inspired by the ladies over at the Saucy Wenches podcast, I’ve decided to try a little creative writing.  I did a little in high school and really enjoyed it back then.  Each month they give a writing prompt, both provide a word and then write a short story or scene using the prompt for inspiration.  I’ve written a short story for the propmt they provided for April (Barnacles and Pineapples) and posted it here on the site.  It’s about a pirate who’s been on land so long he’s aquired the nick name Barnacle Butt.  I’ve also got another in the same world that’s waiting for a little polish before I post it.

That’s about all I’ve got for this week, all my writing mojo went into the story… guess I don’t have much mojo 🙂