Stylin’ and Profilin’

11 06 2009

By popular demand, well, really by Tami’s suggestion I’m going to talk about shoes today.  Btw Tami the Pai Mu Tan Vanilla is good but not very Vanilla-y, it smells like Vanilla but just tastes like tea.  I can see why you didn’t care for the Pai Mu Tan, it’s a little on the bitter side.

Anywhoo, on to the shoes!


I’ve talked about Shoedazzle before and their wonderful shoes.  In fact last week I even asked for opinions on my selection!  If you’re curious the votes came out 3 for Lola (the pink with the low heel) 3 for Joya (the strappy brown one), 1 for Cherie (the tan one with the T-strap at the ankle), 2 for Emily (grey snake print with side cutouts), and 1 for Abby (Black peep-toe with side cutouts).  After I made the post Shoedazzle added another Cherie in black and that is what I ended up going with.

Cherie Black

 I LOVE these.  They’re a little tall (a 3 inch heel) but soooo comfortable!  The leather is very soft so it doesn’t rub and the ankle strap makes it very stable.

What I Like in a Shoe

I tend to like strappy, flip-flop or open back style shoes.  I have sensitive feet and anything with a back tends to give me blisters.

On Your Feet Daralyn Leather Thong Sandal

Unisa JoJo Fabric SlideMudd Ricki Platform Slide

I don’t really care for flats unless I’m going super casual and just wearing flip-flops or my Crocks (yes I know their ugly, yes I wear them anyway).  I like heels because I’m so short.  Two to two and a half inches is ideal for comfort but I like 3 inches for height.  Add 3 inches to my 5′ 4″ and I can almost look my husband in the shoulder!

I am usually drawn to colorful shoes in the store but I never seem to buy them.  My practical side takes over and I always buy the black or brown.  This past Christmas I did buy a pair of red shoes for an outfit for my company Christmas party.  Humm… I need to dig those out, they are great shoes 🙂

The Dream

I have a dream of shoes I used to own.  You are going to laugh at me…  They’re not high fashion… They’re not even heels…  But they are my favorite color and they are super cool:

Purple Converse All Stars

I had a pair just like this when I was in High School.  I loved them, wore them all the time.  I have no idea now what hapened to them.  I really want to buy these, but $65 (they have to be custom made) is over my usual shoe max of $50.  Maybe I’ll get myself a birthday present 🙂

What are your favorite pair of shoes like?


Help Me Pick Some Shoes!

1 06 2009

I decided to go with the Cherie in black.  The pink Lola was very tempting but practicality won out.  Thanks for your opinions!

This month I thought I might ask for some input on my Shoe Dazzle purchase.  Since I’ll be wearing the shoes I can’t promise I’ll purchase whatever you guys pick but I think I’d like some opinions.  Since they tend to run out of stock quickly I’m only going to leave the poll open until maybe 10am tomorrow scratch that, I can’t make the poll thingie work so just leave a comment with your choice and I’ll be ordering tomorrow around 10am central.  Let me know what you think!

(Disclaimer: the photos and descriptions are directly from I take no credit for them)


LOLA_PINK_side_sm“Our top-selling mid-heel style is now available in the sweetest shade of pink, just in time for summer. You won’t believe how comfortable cute can be! Lola looks awfully sweet in cotton candy pink and simply elegant cross-over canvas upper and cork sole, but she gets an edge on the competition with a chunky heel and an oversized ankle strap and buckle. Lola looks great with a pair of lightweight trouser-leg jeans on a casual weekend date or at the office with a cotton wrap dress. (2 1/2 inch heel)
Camille Jumelle
ShoeDazzle Expert”


Joya – This one’s out of stock now so it’s out of the running

JOYA_brown_small“Every spring I hunt relentlessly for the one shoe that I can wear with everything. My search came to a peaceful end when I discovered Joya. The contrasting khaki sole and strap details against the brown patent pull the look together for a polished, tasteful statement that works well during the work-week or the weekend. This stream-lined sandal features an oversized gold buckle and studs for added luxury. Try this new classic at the office: a silk shell in warm coral, khaki pencil skirt, chocolate brown boyfriend sweater cinched with a crocodile belt, turquoise and wood bead necklace – and Joya to complete the look. (3 ½ inch heel)
Merika Rock
ShoeDazzle Expert”


ABBY_BLACK_side_sm“Spring is in the air and it’s just about time to put away all of those constricting closed-toe winter styles and give your feet some breathing room. Abby is a cute, versatile, office-appropriate stiletto that will see you through many seasons and many more outfits. Get those pretty pedi’s ready to show off a little skin with the peep-toe and cut-away side details. Faux leather. (3 ¼ inch heel)
Elizabeth French
ShoeDazzle Expert”




EMILY_oh_sm“Confidence and class go a long way towards getting you where you want to go. That’s the idea behind this black and gray snakeskin peep-toe pump. With a sharp stance and an elegant buckle, this shoe is ready to move. (3 ¼ inch heel)
Kim Kardashian
ShoeDazzle Expert”




Cherie – They just added one in black too

CHERIE_TAN_side_sm“The name Cherie is French in origin and its meaning is “dear one, darling.” You’ll be “darling” from the boardwalk to the boardroom in this chicly understated shoe. Cherie will be your new go-to shoe in a perfect nude tone to go with everything from sundresses to office attire. For elegant simplicity, I love finishing a bright or pastel-colored dress with a great nude shoe like Cherie. Faux leather featuring a gold buckle and tapered heel. (3 inch heel)
Michael Bassolino
ShoeDazzle Expert”




10 04 2009

Today I would like to tell you about a wonderful website called Shoedazzle.  For a mere $39/mo you get 1 fabulous pair of shoes every month.  You get 5 pairs to choose from and can opt out of any month you don’t like the selection.  No contract, cancel any time!  Believe me, it sounded too good to be true so I read every scrap of info they have on that website and I can’t find a downside.  If you decline to get a pair of shoes before the 5th of the month you won’t get charged.  You get charged on the 6th but if you don’t like your selection of shoes that month your money will roll over to the next month.  I looked and looked but I can’t find a scam anywhere 🙂

I got my first pair this morning.  From Shoedazzle: “Dulce is sweeter than candy but with zero calories! Round-toe pumps are the perfect combination of girlie and demure and are definitely in because they have so much vintage appeal. Dulce’s vintage inspiration gets an update with a hidden platform, python print heel-cap, sling-back sass and a wicked chunky heel. Dulce calls for a halter dress with a billowy skirt – think Marilyn Monroe in her iconic shot from “The Seven Year Itch.” How’s that for Old Hollywood glamour? (3 ½ inch heel)  –  Elizabeth French, ShoeDazzle Expert”  

Here’s some pics of the shoes I chose, pleace forgive the grainy-ness as they were taken with my iPhone.

Me wearing them (don’t you love my pj’s?):


On the table:


Lastly, on the side so you can see the heel cap:


I think I’m in love.