Puppy Pics

19 06 2009

Just because I can and because I think my dog is the cutest one in the world I’m going to share some pictures of Missy.  She’s not a puppy anymore (she’s 3 I think), but we still call her a puppy.

To fufill your Friday Cuteness Quota:


Sleepy Time

Missy 8

Cuddle Time With Dad

Missy 7

Yes.  My dog is wearing a sweater.

Missy 6

Going For A Walk

Missy 5

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Missy 4

I Fart in Your General Direction.  (My poor garden gnome)

Missy 3

Whatcha Doin’?

Missy 2

Staring Contest

Missy 1

Less Talky More Back Scratchy

Missy 9


You are super cool if you can name the source of “Less talky, more back scratchy”