9 10 2009

Some days you just wish you hadn’t gotten out of bed.



It’s Just That Kind of Day

12 12 2008

So I’m walking in to my office this morning, carrying my outfit to go see The Nutcracker ballet tonight. See, I can’t leave it in my car… it’s a brand new very nice outfit and somehting might happen to it… in my locked car… sitting in the parking lot in one of the nicer neighborhoods in town. What might happen, I don’t know but I can’t leave it out in the car where something might happen! Where was I? Oh, yeah… the hangar. So I’m carrying my cute top, winter white pants and my leather jacket when all of a sudden I’m not. I turn around to find my cute top, winter WHITE pants, and leather jacket in a heap on the ground. Here’s what happened:


Notice the problem? The hook part of the hangar isn’t attached to the hangar part of the hangar.

It’s just that kind of day…