Things I Ponder

24 03 2010
  • I filled out my census form today. There’s space to fill out information for up to 10 people in a single household. I’m curious how many households need that many spaces? I’m not trying to be judgmental, I understand that other cultures tend to have more than just the nuclear family in a single home. I’m just curious how many people live in a home like that? On the other hand, how many families have 8+ kids in the home all at the same time? If we believe reality TV there’s a bunch!
  • Mentioned on Twitter today: I have a coffee mug and a tea mug. Is it weird that I feel a little guilty when I drink the wrong beverage out one or the other?
  • Also from a conversation on Twitter: The Pentagon has 5 sides and 5 rings. Was that intentional? Did they have a need for 6 rings and condensed it into 5 because that was cooler? Did they only need 4 and added a 5th to round things out? What’s in the center? From pictures it just looks like a courtyard, but what do you plant in the courtyard of The Pentagon? Who plants it? Seems like a terrible waste of a security clearance on a gardener.
  • “The eyes are the window to the soul”  ” Los ojos son las ventanas del alma”  Seriously? My fortune cookie needed to be translated into Spanish? No lottery numbers, no kanji… just Spanish. Only in Texas.
  • Justified is turning out to be a really good show. The accents seem a little heavy-handed to me, but I’ve never met anyone from Kentucky so I don’t know for sure. The name of the show comes from the fact that the 2 people he’s shot on the show pulled first and therefore the shootings were “justified”. Is he just going to keep shooting people? How many “justified” shootings can a person really have before they just become trigger-happy? Also, the place in the Brad Paisley song is real!!! Although apparently, Timothy Olyphant got out alive.
  • Super Sticky Post-It notes have changed my life! They stick to ANYTHING!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Just a peek into the random things that crossed my brain today.




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