Good Friday 3/26/10

26 03 2010

Week #2! How long does it take to form a habit? 

Having a tough time thinking of good things this week, but I’m going to try

The Hubby Still Out of Town

I’m still trying to enjoy having the house to myself. He gets home on Sunday so it’s just a few more days!


I got several achievements this week: Critter Gitter, The Northrend Gourmet (the smallest one, not the 45 recipes one), Tastes Like Chicken (sample 50 dishes), Master of Arms (raise 4 weapon skills to 400), Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich? (raise unarmed skill to 400), Stable Keeper (10 mounts), Plethora of Pets (25 pets), and Mr. Pinchy’s Magical Crawdad Box. I also maxed out my fishing skill and got my Sons of Hodir rep to Exalted (no more Hodir dailies, yay!!).

I’m trying to make some gold in game to buy the various mounts available. I’m wondering if I should buy the most expensive thing on my list (Mechano-Hog) first or the cheapest… I’ve got the gold for a 2 or 3 of the 800g mounts but I’m thinking if I buy the cheaper things first I’ll never get around to buying the Mechano-Hog. On the other hand, it’s going to take me a long time to save up 12k gold (I’m currently making a couple hundred per day but I don’t know how consistent that will be). Anywhoo, things to ponder…

Organic Foods

There’s been an odd confluence of articles coming across my computer screen the last few weeks. I keep finding things talking about organic foods and hormones and high fructose corn syrup and how all of that is affecting our weight and health. Usually I take this kind of stuff with whole heaping handfuls of salt because I’ve seen too many fads that pull a 180 a few years later (margarine and eggs just off the top of my head). I think that most things can be ok in moderation and anything can be harmful in excess. However, these couple of articles aren’t some celebrity pushing their fad diet, they’re scientific studies with what seems to be valid data (however, most of it has not been reproduced yet). Most of the experiments I’m seeing have been done on lab rats so they could be exaggerated when it comes to human application. On the other hand, common sense tells me that non-processed/organic foods are going to be better for me than processed foods.

I don’t want to become crazy about any one thing. I would, however, like to cut the processed foods we eat in our house and increase the organic foods we eat. I don’t have a “plan” formulated yet, but it’s something I think I need to do.

On that note, I’m signing off for the week. Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather (assuming your weather is as gorgeous as mine is!)


Things I Ponder

24 03 2010
  • I filled out my census form today. There’s space to fill out information for up to 10 people in a single household. I’m curious how many households need that many spaces? I’m not trying to be judgmental, I understand that other cultures tend to have more than just the nuclear family in a single home. I’m just curious how many people live in a home like that? On the other hand, how many families have 8+ kids in the home all at the same time? If we believe reality TV there’s a bunch!
  • Mentioned on Twitter today: I have a coffee mug and a tea mug. Is it weird that I feel a little guilty when I drink the wrong beverage out one or the other?
  • Also from a conversation on Twitter: The Pentagon has 5 sides and 5 rings. Was that intentional? Did they have a need for 6 rings and condensed it into 5 because that was cooler? Did they only need 4 and added a 5th to round things out? What’s in the center? From pictures it just looks like a courtyard, but what do you plant in the courtyard of The Pentagon? Who plants it? Seems like a terrible waste of a security clearance on a gardener.
  • “The eyes are the window to the soul”  ” Los ojos son las ventanas del alma”  Seriously? My fortune cookie needed to be translated into Spanish? No lottery numbers, no kanji… just Spanish. Only in Texas.
  • Justified is turning out to be a really good show. The accents seem a little heavy-handed to me, but I’ve never met anyone from Kentucky so I don’t know for sure. The name of the show comes from the fact that the 2 people he’s shot on the show pulled first and therefore the shootings were “justified”. Is he just going to keep shooting people? How many “justified” shootings can a person really have before they just become trigger-happy? Also, the place in the Brad Paisley song is real!!! Although apparently, Timothy Olyphant got out alive.
  • Super Sticky Post-It notes have changed my life! They stick to ANYTHING!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Just a peek into the random things that crossed my brain today.

Good Friday 3/19/10

19 03 2010

I promise someday I’ll get back to a regular posting schedule… until then, don’t give up on me 🙂

I’m going to follow the idea of a new friend of mine, Becky, who makes a post every Friday about the good things that happened that week. I’m not sure if I’ll make this an every week kind of thing, but at a minimum I’m going to do it today!

The Hubby’s Out of Town

While this, in and of its self, isn’t a good thing I’m trying to enjoy the time to myself. I get to fix whatever I want for dinner. I get complete control of the remote (which, in all honesty, I get most of the time anyway). I get to sleep without the TV or a light on (which is a BIG DEAL).

I wouldn’t want it this way forever, but I’m trying to see the positive side of things 🙂

Small Groups

I’m in a new small group (in addition to the one I lead), which the above mentioned Becky leads. It’s a great group of women and we call it a “Geeky Women’s Group”. It’s been really great to meet some new people at Gateway and it seems like we all have a little something in common with the others. This week we had dinner together and started talking a little about the Book of Jonah. It’s a story that most people have heard of, even non christians, about a man who tries to run away from God and winds up being swallowed by a fish and spit back up onto the beach three days later. Most people kind of avoid this book of the bible because, well… the guy gets eaten by a fish… and survives. He’s no Moses or Isiah, he’s petty and petulant and self-righteous. But you know what? That’s why I like Jonah. He’s real, he’s human, he’s full of faults, and yet God chose him to be a prophet. That gives me hope. I’m really looking forward to digging deeper into this story with my new friends.

Hummm… I had intended this section to be about how much I liked the women I’ve met in this new group and how we’re talking on Twitter, and we all seem to be getting along really well, and how I love living in the future where we can communicate like that… Guess my brain had something else in mind that was good this week 🙂

In my other small group, the one that I lead, we had an impromptu social gathering this week. I had intended to leave group early to get home and help The Hubby finish up packing for his trip so I scrapped my lesson plan and brought some Wii games. We never got around to playing the Wii games, we just sat down and chatted for 2 hours and I ended up staying 30 mins longer than normal instead of leaving 30 mins early! It was really great, most of the group was there last night, I really felt like we got to catch up with each other.


I had dinner with my mom on Wed night and we planed a little vacation for this summer. I haven’t been on a vacation in… I can’t remember how long. It’ll be nice to get away and spend some time with my mom!


So… um… yeah. I restarted my WoW account. I’m not going to raid, but I decided that I like the game enough to come back to it. I’m going to work on achievements for my priest and level my warlock up to 80. I don’t plan on starting up the WoW blog again (actually I’m thinking about taking it down since it’s so horribly out of date, it still comes up on some Google searches and I feel guilty that I’m now providing bad information) and I don’t plan on blogging about WoW much on this blog. If there’s anyone out there who wants a few guest posts, let me know, they would mostly be achievement guides. Just to scratch the blogging itch when it comes up 🙂

I think that’s all for this post. I hope everyone has a great weekend! If you’re in Austin, enjoy SXSW. Someone watch some basketball for me because I won’t be forced to watch it with The Hubby out of town!