Hitting the Pocketbook!

2 11 2009

As you may or may not know, the Race for the Cure here in Austin was yesterday.  Unfortunately I was laid up in bed and was not able to walk.  I almost met my goal of $200 (it’s not too late to donate, I’m $25 short of my goal).  Breast Cancer is a disease that, at least it seems to me, touches more lives than it doesn’t.  This is evidenced by recent events in the Shide Devils, a World of Warcraft Guild that a couple of my fellow bloggers are members of.  They have set up a donation site and raffle for their guild member who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  I will be donating a couple of hand made WoW themed scarves to the raffle.  If you would like to donate/enter the raffle you can follow the above link for more information.

I hope you can help out in some way with this cause.  If you aren’t able to, please get yourself and/or the women around you checked for breast cancer.  “Early detection is the best protection.”  For more information on breast cancer and self-exams you can visit the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s website.




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