How I Met The Hubby

29 09 2009

Recently Bre asked “how did you meet?”  The story of how I met The Hubby is an interesting one, at least I think so.  I thought I’d share.  I’m not sure how the people involved in the story will feel about their names being on the interwebs (some people are funny about that stuff) so the names are changed to protect the innocent.

I was 17, working at Quizno’s (a sandwhich shop if you’re not familiar with it).  I had made friends with a co-worker, Chris.  He was going out with some friends to see a band downtown and invited me along.  I think we both got off early that day (3 or 4 in the afternoon) and decided to get some dinner since we weren’t going to be heading downtown until 8 or 9.  We decided to eat at Bennigan’s.  When we walk in the door this couple gets up and the guy is waving at Chris.  They’re clearly friends.  Chris introduces me to them, Kelly and Tank, and we go to our respective tables.  When the couple is getting ready to leave they come over to our table and Tank looks at Chris with this adorable, mischevious grin and says “So, Chris, have you heard about Kelly’s new boy-toy?”  She’s obviously embarassed and tells us the guys name how long they’ve been dating… I’m not even paying attention any more because it dawns on me that they’re not “together”… they’re just having dinner…  I get all excited because he’s really cute and he keeps looking at me even though he’s talking to Chris.  Kelly and Tank leave, then about 2 mins later Chris gets a call.  After he tells me that Tank has decided to come downtown tonight, he’s going to meet us there!  Anybody think it’s a coincidence?

The evening goes on, Tank and I end up spending most of the evening hanging out, we really hit it off.  That was June 28th, 2001.  We started dating about a month after that.  We got engaged on Oct 27th, 2001 and were married June 30th, 2002; a year and 2 days after we met.

A few interesting details:

The phone call, I found out later, went something like this:  “Chris, dude, why didn’t you tell me she was hot?”  “Ummm, I don’t know” Chris had a girlfriend at the time, we were strictly friends, “Well, I’ll be there tonight, I may be a little late, but I’ll be there!”  “Ok, cool!”

Also, in case it wasn’t obvious, Tank’s reason for comming over and informing us of Kelly’s boyfriend was so that I would know they weren’t dating, which was a good move since I had made that assumption.  Incidentally, the “boy-toy” is now Kelly’s husband 🙂




4 responses

30 09 2009

You’ll have to tell me who Kelly and the “boy-toy” are in real life later. =)

30 09 2009

hehe, love the story Lauren!

5 10 2009

Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s stories. They’re all really sweet.

7 10 2009

Oh I love this story! I could hear it over and over again. Next time I would like Tank to be present so I could see his reaction to how you tell it Lauren. =)

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