31 08 2009

I have a few recommendations for you this fine Monday morning.

First off, a movie.  Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist.  It stars Michael Cera (who I LOVE) as a youn (straight) musician in a band of gay guys who’s just been horribly dumped by his girlfriend.  He and his band mates go out for a gig and then to find their favorite band, “Where’s Fluffy”.  It’s a very cute movie.  In my favorite part of the movie, Nick is talking to one of his band mates Thom:

Nick: I just feel like she’s messing with me.
Thom: Who are you talking about?
Nick: Right now, Norah. No, Tris. Tris.
Thom: You just haven’t figured it out yet, have you.
Nick: What?
Thom: …The big picture!
Nick: I guess not.
Thom: The Beatles.
Nick: What about them?
Thom: This.
[grabs Nick’s hand]
Thom: Look, other bands, they want to make it about sex or pain, but you know, The Beatles, they had it all figured out, okay? “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” The first single. It’s effing brilliant, right?… That’s what everybody wants, Nicky. They don’t want a twenty-four-hour hump sesh, they don’t want to be married to you for a hundred years. They just want to hold your hand.
[Gay couple passes holding hands and smiles at them]
Nick: I’m gonna stop right now.

The writing is excellent and for the most part the acting is great.  I thoroughly enjoyed this movie

Next up, I have a music recommendation.  Storyville.  They’re a local band that sort of made it big.  According to Wikipedia:

Storyville was a blues-rock band formed in 1994 in Austin, Texas, USA. Drummer Chris Layton and bassist Tommy Shannon, former members of Arc Angels and the rhythm section for Stevie Ray Vaughan’s band Double Trouble, formed the band with Malford Milligan after a jam session at Antone’s. After releasing an album on November Records in 1994 , the band won a total of nine Austin Music awards; they became stalwarts on the local music scene and toured nationally. They subsequently signed to major label Atlantic Records, for whom they recorded two albums before breaking up. The single “Born Without You”, from their 1998 release Dog Years, reached #28 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart

First off, let me say that I grew up listening to this band so they hold a very special place in my heart.  If I truly had to name on band as my favorite they would probably be it.  “Blues-Rock” is probably a good description of their music.  My mom saw a little show Malford Milligan did last week and actually got to sit down and have a beer with him afterwards (she aparently also has a signed photo for me too, /swoon), and it seems the band is getting back together!  We’re going to see them Thursday night (at the Saxon Pub on S. Lamar  at 6:00 in you’re in the area), I’m so excited I can hardly wait! 

I have 2 of their albums, Bluest Eyes and Dog Years and I highly recommend both.  They are both on iTunes and Amazon.





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31 08 2009

Woot! Both of them added to my “remember this” note. Thank you!

31 08 2009

Hope you enjoy!

3 09 2009

Hey Lauren, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go with you tonight. I think I’ll have to work late to avoid working the long weekend. I’ll let you know as the end of the day gets closer.

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