Happy Anniversary

30 06 2009

7 years ago, on a rainy day just like today, I married the love of my life.

Happy Anniversary Honey!


Wedding Photos


Sorry about the image quality.  I don’t have any digital copies here at work so I just took a picture with my iPhone.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Thursday Ramblings

25 06 2009

My thought processes aren’t terribly coherent today, I’ve been sleep deprived all week.  Here’s what’s on the top of my head:


I saw Bolt last night.  Was a little disapointed.  Don’t get me wrong, it was cute and if you tend to like animated movies (as i do) you’ll probably be entertained.  It’s just, after really great movies like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Shrek, Monsters, Inc., and Kung Fu Panda I have high expectations for animated movies… I should probably let that go but I can’t help my self.  Bolt was cute… just not great.

Up.  I can’t wait to see Up.  Going this saturday.  VERY EXCITED!


With the summer slump in TV (there are some good shows this summer but that’s not what I want to talk about right now) I’m getting Six Feet Under on DVD from Netflix.  I ❤ Dexter so I thought I’d give SFU a try (the actor Michael C. Hall is in both shows if you’re not familiar with them).  I’m only 2 episodes in to the series so I’ll give it a little longer but I’m not really excited about the show.  It’s got excellent acting on all parts (except maybe the sister).  The plot started a little slow (and how many shows have started with Dad getting killed unexpectedly in the pilot and doing something quirky in the will?) but did leave me wanting to learn more about the characters.  Characters are what will keep me comming back to a show.  Big Love is an example of that.  The plot is kinda wierd but I love the characters.  They are real and believeable and I genuinely want to see how they will react to their world. 

Anywhoo, my big problem so far with SFU is David.  I’m watching the show because I like the actor so much.  I really like Dexter… he’s creepy and a literal psycho but I like him.  David… not so much.  He’s cold with everyone except his boyfriend which feels really fake.  He just seems like he’s got a 6 foot pole up his ass.  I’m going to give it a little longer and see if it gets better.  I like everyone except David so far.


After Temerity-Jane and Bre’s recommendations I bought myself an Uncalendar.  I just got it yesterday so I haven’t been able to really test it out yet.  I think this thing will become a big hit for me.  I have a hard time using the iPhone’s tools because it’s so small.  I can’t enter things quickly and I can’t see more than a day at a time.  I also need to use several different apps for different functionalities.  I’ve been using Google Calendar and really like it.  It works well, it’s shareable, has customizable views.  Like it a lot… it’s not portable though.  I have to be sitting in front of a computer to use it (yes, I can look at it on my phone but that has the same problems as the native programs).

I have tried the Franklin-Covey (and their clones) planers before.  Ignoring the cost (FC planners can run you upwards of  $100, the Uncalendar was $20), they are nice but I give up using them after a while.  They tend to be too small for me to comfortably write in or too big to carry easily.  They also have too much junk on the page.  I have this complusion that I can’t ignore the stuff that’s already there.  If the hours of the day are printed on a planner page… I have to use them.  What do I do with something that lasts all day… or something that will only take 30 mins but doesn’t have a specific time I need to do it.  I wind up with planner stress and can’t write anything down because I don’t know where to put it, thus negating the purpose of the damn thing.

The Uncalendar has very little written on the page.  It’s mostly colored blocks and lined sections to use however you like.  I’m finding the flexibility VERY nice.  On one week have the numbered list block as a shopping list for a shower I’m throwing.  On another week it’s a list of projects I want to complete over the long weekend I’m taking.  I really like the ability to use it however I need to and plenty of space to put… whatever!

I’ll let you guys know how I’m liking it in a few weeks!


I think I’ve decided to bring back the movie trivia.  There will be prizes this time!  I haven’t decided how to handle them yet, but I should have the details ironed out later this week or early next week.  I’ll put a post up with details later and next Thursday’s post will have a trivia question to answer.

Have a great weekend out there on Teh Interwebs!

Puppy Pics

19 06 2009

Just because I can and because I think my dog is the cutest one in the world I’m going to share some pictures of Missy.  She’s not a puppy anymore (she’s 3 I think), but we still call her a puppy.

To fufill your Friday Cuteness Quota:


Sleepy Time

Missy 8

Cuddle Time With Dad

Missy 7

Yes.  My dog is wearing a sweater.

Missy 6

Going For A Walk

Missy 5

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Missy 4

I Fart in Your General Direction.  (My poor garden gnome)

Missy 3

Whatcha Doin’?

Missy 2

Staring Contest

Missy 1

Less Talky More Back Scratchy

Missy 9


You are super cool if you can name the source of “Less talky, more back scratchy”

Crafts Galore

18 06 2009

In case you haven’t noticed I haven’t been talking about books much lately.  Basically I got stuck in a rut with a few books and now most of my free time has gone back to crafting instead of reading.  Today I thought I’d share a few things I’ve been working on.

Hat & Booties

A very good friend of mine is having twin boys in a few months.  I don’t think she reads the blog so I’m going to share the Hat & Booties I’m making.

hat and booties

I’ve only completed one of the booties, but the whole thing has come together very quickly.  The hat took 2 evenings and I finished the bootie in one night.  I plan on making a set in blue for the other twin.  If there’s time I’m also going to make a matching blanket for each, we’ll just have to see how that goes.

The pattern comes from BabyKnits Hats & Booties.  The “Look Inside” thingy on amazon actually has the complete pattern for this set.


I posted this picture on Twitter yesterday, these are for Tami

tami's socks

I my only concern with these is the fit.  Tami is several states away so I’m not positive they’ll fit… everyone keep  your fingers crossed 🙂

The pattern is from You Can Crochet Socks

Purple Wave Afghan

I think I might have talked about this afghan before, I can’t remember now and I’m too lazy to go look.  I’ve been working on it for a long time.  I’m actually almost finished with it.



I’ve added on to it substantially since I took this picture, it’s probably 2.5 feet long (the picture is taken from the side so the “length” is the horizontal axis in the picture) and I’ve doubled that now.  I’ve got about 1.5-2 feet to go.


That’s about it for today, short post.  I’m also going to be working on the “Works in Progress” page too, adding pictures and updating it a little.

Anyone who read my WoW blog may remember the movie quotes trivia I had.  Is anyone interested in starting that up again?  Maybe I could give something away if you answer several right…  a handmade item, maybe a $10 Amazon gift certificate…   If you guys would like to participate in something like that leave me a comment.

Stylin’ and Profilin’

11 06 2009

By popular demand, well, really by Tami’s suggestion I’m going to talk about shoes today.  Btw Tami the Pai Mu Tan Vanilla is good but not very Vanilla-y, it smells like Vanilla but just tastes like tea.  I can see why you didn’t care for the Pai Mu Tan, it’s a little on the bitter side.

Anywhoo, on to the shoes!


I’ve talked about Shoedazzle before and their wonderful shoes.  In fact last week I even asked for opinions on my selection!  If you’re curious the votes came out 3 for Lola (the pink with the low heel) 3 for Joya (the strappy brown one), 1 for Cherie (the tan one with the T-strap at the ankle), 2 for Emily (grey snake print with side cutouts), and 1 for Abby (Black peep-toe with side cutouts).  After I made the post Shoedazzle added another Cherie in black and that is what I ended up going with.

Cherie Black

 I LOVE these.  They’re a little tall (a 3 inch heel) but soooo comfortable!  The leather is very soft so it doesn’t rub and the ankle strap makes it very stable.

What I Like in a Shoe

I tend to like strappy, flip-flop or open back style shoes.  I have sensitive feet and anything with a back tends to give me blisters.

On Your Feet Daralyn Leather Thong Sandal

Unisa JoJo Fabric SlideMudd Ricki Platform Slide

I don’t really care for flats unless I’m going super casual and just wearing flip-flops or my Crocks (yes I know their ugly, yes I wear them anyway).  I like heels because I’m so short.  Two to two and a half inches is ideal for comfort but I like 3 inches for height.  Add 3 inches to my 5′ 4″ and I can almost look my husband in the shoulder!

I am usually drawn to colorful shoes in the store but I never seem to buy them.  My practical side takes over and I always buy the black or brown.  This past Christmas I did buy a pair of red shoes for an outfit for my company Christmas party.  Humm… I need to dig those out, they are great shoes 🙂

The Dream

I have a dream of shoes I used to own.  You are going to laugh at me…  They’re not high fashion… They’re not even heels…  But they are my favorite color and they are super cool:

Purple Converse All Stars

I had a pair just like this when I was in High School.  I loved them, wore them all the time.  I have no idea now what hapened to them.  I really want to buy these, but $65 (they have to be custom made) is over my usual shoe max of $50.  Maybe I’ll get myself a birthday present 🙂

What are your favorite pair of shoes like?

Sunscreen and Other Meandering Thoughts

4 06 2009

Yesterday John aka The Big Bear Butt made a post with advice for HS graduates, this being the last day for may students across the country.  He referenced Baz Luhrman’s good old Sunscreen Song (which was actually written by Mary Schmich but that’s another story).  Thinking about that song brought back a flood of old memories about High School.  See, that song was released while I was a sophomore… I knew all the words.  I really liked that song.  I thought myself wise beacuse I thought I understood all the things that song was trying to tell people my age.  LOL, the arrogrance of youth 🙂

Anywhoo, I think back on that time in my life.  I had such plans for myself.  I was going to get out and live my life.  Finally be a real life grown up, I had always been independant but now I was going to be in a whole different city from my parents.  I was going to distinguish my self as a briliant student in my biochemistry classes.  I was going to become a brilliant scientist.  I was going to cure cancer for pete’s sake!

My, oh, my how life throws you curve balls.  I met my husband the summer after I graduated HS.  We had a whirlwind romance.  Met in June ’01, got engaged Oct ’01, and married in June ’02 a year and 2 days after we met.  I only lived in Dallas for one semester, when we got engaged I decided to move back to Austin.  I had to go to a Community College since I didn’t have enough credits to transfer directly to UT.  Eventually I droped out of college so I could work full time and The Hubby could finish his degree (he was going to make more straight out of college so he got to finish first).  I still have not returned to school.  I’m also still not a real life grown up and every time I think I am something comes along to put me back in my place.

I felt lost for a long time.  My expectations for my life were so drastically different from the reality I had trouble reconcilling them.  I still wanted all the things that I wanted when I graduated but when I reflected on how my life really was I couldn’t say I regreted any of it.  Sure, The Hubby and I have had some rough patches, but that’s marriage.  All in all, we’ve had a great life together and are looking forward to lots more.  It took a lot of time and a lot of prayer for me to finally be ok with where I was in life.  I realized that those goals haven’t gone anywhere… I just have new ones now too.

As usual I’ve rambled for almost 500 words and realized I have no point and I’m not sure I can squeeze one out.  I guess I’ll just give this little piece of advice for the graduates this year:

Life will never be what you thought it would be.  Some times reality will fall drastically short of your expectations.  Some times the reality will surpass your wildest dreams.  Don’t ever let go of your dreams but realize that they will probably change.

Ummmm… No!

3 06 2009

Just got this email from a family member:

Dear friend:
i would like to introduce a good company who trades mainly in  electornic  products.Now the company is under sales  promotion,all the products are  sold nearly at its cost.They  provide the best service to customers,they  provide you with  original products of good quality,and what is more,the  price  is a surprising happiness to you!It is realy a good chance  for  shopping.just grasp the opportunity,Now or never!
The web address: (www.)

After the www is a link which, for obvious reasons, I will not repost.  Me thinks someone got a virus!

I just find these really funny.  Someone had to actually sit down at a keyboard and type that out.  I wonder who… and who taught that person english… and who took away their shift keys… and why they can manage spaces after words but not after punctuation.

I heard somewhere that fewer than 1 in 100 people actually click on the links in spam and fishing emails.  To that 1 person I say thanks for making email a hassle for the rest of us marginally inteligent people.  Resist the suprisingly happiness inducing prices!  You have got to know that it’s complete crap.