Really, I Didn’t Disapear!

5 03 2009

The posting has been lacking around here lately.  The Hubby and I got some bad news a few weeks ago and we’ve been dealing with that.  It’s left me a bit drained, but I seem to be comming out the other side and hope to be back to regular posting now.

I’m starting to see the first glimpses of spring and it’s making me very happy!  The Ornamental Pear trees here at the office are blooming but the ones at home haven’t gotten there yet.  We moved in just after all the blossoms fell off last year so I’m really excited to see the trees in bloom.  I’m also getting excited about my crepe myrtles blooming, there’s something about those that I just love!  It’s also making me realize that I need to do a ton of work in my yard.  Everything needs to be trimed back (I know, I know… I’m a little late on this) and the dead stuff needs to be cleared away.

I also want to start clearing out the garage and setting up our guest bedroom.  I think I want to decorate it in a blue and yellow country theme.  It’s very relaxing and homey.  We have a bed already and I think I’m going to paint the headboard and footboard white and possibly use a quilt I have half made for the bedspread.  It’s a block of the month that I did a long time ago in blue, yellow, and white bluebonnet prints.  I’d like to get a dresser and a chair to put in there as well.

In other news I’m almost done with an afghan.  I’ve got a post written on the pattern I used that just needs photos.  Hopefully I’ll be done with both soon!

That’s all I can think of to post right now.  Don’t give up on me, keep reading!  Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend 🙂